The Ultimate HITMAN Program is a way for Elevate Church to connect with and support local High Schools. During the football season, HITMAN Representatives from Elevate visit local High Schools each week to present a HITMAN Award to the player with the best RUN, CATCH, GAMECHANGER, or HIT in their team’s game. These awards are selected each week by the team’s coaching staff. Throughout the season, HITMAN representatives will be at practices and games, speaking into the lives of the athletes and the coaching staff.


To cap it all off, Elevate hosts an Ultimate HITMAN Awards Ceremony at the end of every football season. Every Ultimate HITMAN Award Winner is invited, and dinner is served.

This isn’t your average awards ceremony. During the event, not only do we honor every single Ultimate HITMAN Award Winner, but we also highlight the best, most amazing plays of the year using actual highlight footage from our local High Schools.

Elevate’s Ultimate HITMAN Representatives review this highlight footage and select winners for each of the program categories: RUN, CATCH, GAMECHANGER, and HIT.

The Ultimate HITMAN program is about investing in the lives of young athletes in our city, showing them that they can achieve something with their hard work and teaching them what it means to be a man.



  • Be a HITMAN Representative. Signup, and you have the opportunity to become a HITMAN Representative that visits local High Schools each week and attends football games.
  • Be an Ultimate HITMAN Awards Ceremony Volunteer to help decorate, serve food, and facilitate during the event.

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For more information about the Ultimate HITMAN Program, contact Gene Rouse. 

Contact: hitman@elevatechurch.ms